Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dh beranak 5 tp masih nk bercinta????

Td aku g sekodeng blog mr. hasben ku..
Blog dia ni mmg la hangat2 taik ayam pun..
Ala2 idup segan mati x mau. hehehe...

Sekodeng punye sekodeng, terjumpe entry dia nih
Yang buat aku tersenyum sorang2
berbunga2 hati aku skrg ni... wink2!

Jom bace aper yg dia dh tulis tuh :-

"last year, my fourth child was born on 1st June..
well it looks like this year, i'm gonna have another one coming out pretty soon..
august to be exact..the fifth it a girl or a boy? let's God decide on that..

i owe everything to my beloved wife..
she sacrifice a lot for the happiness of our family..
but what i like about my petite little wife is that she looks so cute
and even many people assumed that she is having our first child
(not realizing the 'ugly' fact that it is our fifth)..
she has a good 'temper', a cute smile and a white shining teeth..
got that 'hour glass' shape body..mmm...
i feel proud to have her as my wife..
even though i did not mention to her everyday..
but i do kiss her many times in a day
to show that i do care for her, i do love her and need her, i want her and so on so forth..
what more could i say about her..she is the right person to be my be the mother of our children...
i pray for her everyday...i pray that she would be fine to deliver our fifth child.."
~ wrote & posted by HIM

Tetiba aku 'jatuh cinta' kat dia tau... mmm... miss u abg.


Iza ~ LaB coRNer said...

both of u..bertuah badannnn...

sue said...

alahai... hurm so sweettt la......heheheh

azura arshad said...

So touching....!!!!